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We’re related to Jerry Lawson through marriage.  Allow me to bore you with the details … Martha Simpson was born in 1827. She was the daughter of Emily Parmelia Wyatt and Moses Simpson; Emily’s parents are our direct line, Henry Wyatt and Elizabeth Redd.

On October 19, 1841, Martha married Josiah F. Tinney, a veteran of the War of 1812. Their son John Henry Tinney, was born February 23, 1844 in Harrison County, Kentucky.  On March 5, 1867 he married Louisa Lawson, daughter of Jerry and Nancy Lawson. John Henry fought during the Civil War, as did his father-in-law Jerry Lawson.

Tradition states “It is told of Jerry Lawson, that he couldn’t hear good and at the Battle at Cynthiana, they were shooting from inside the Courthouse and they gave the word to surrender. He didn’t hear it and kept on shooting, so they shot him.”

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