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Wyatt Coats of Arms

Wyatt Coat of Arms

Richard – son of Captain John Wyatt (1684) and Jane Pamplin made history for burning the family coat of arms. 

This excellent site helped me establish his relation within our family tree – check it out when you get a chance: http://jbwyatt.com/history.htm)

The following is from A History of Caroline County, Virginia by Marshall Wingfield: page 490.
(I ordered this book for my library;  I have a link to it below.)

“The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt family of Virginia descends from the distinguished English line of Sir Thomas Wyatt, courtier and poet. Just preceding the Revolution, Richard Wyatt, (1720-1803), at his home in Caroline county, becoming incensed at the Mother Country, tore the family Coat of Arms from the wall, and, hacking it from the frame with his sword, threw it on the blazing logs in the fireplace. It was rescued by his daughter, Nancy, who later became the second wife of Colonel Anthony New. When they removed to Kentucky, the treasured painting went with them. In the year 1830, a descendant seeing the old relic in their Kentucky home made a little sketch of the design. Though blackened by fire and smoke, there were still to be plainly seen bands of boar’s heads on the shield similar to the Arms of Sir Thomas Wyatt of England. The painting was later totally destroyed by fire, but the little sketch is still in the family.”

If you cruise the ‘net, you may find a copy of the drawing. I remember seeing it, but forgot to make a copy.

More about Richard Wyatt: He was born May 20, 1720, died at “Plain Dealing” in November, 1803. His first wife was Elizabeth Streshley, who died at the birth of her first child in 1744. Richard then married Amy, daughter of Walter Chiles on November 17, 1752. Walter was a descendant of immigrant Walter Chiles who represented Charles City county in the General Assembly, was Speaker and member of the James City Council.

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