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Martha Simpson was born in 1827. She was the daughter of Emily Parmelia Wyatt and Moses Simpson; Emily’s parents are our direct line, Henry Wyatt and Elizabeth Redd.

On October 19, 1841, Martha married Josiah F. Tinney, a veteran of the War of 1812. Apparently he kept a pocketbook that meant a lot to him.

The following is from my mother’s records, it was hard to tell where the actual quotes started and ended. I did my best. And the typos are theirs, not mine.

“Josiah F. Tinney enlisted in Mason Co., Ky., in the service of the United States as a Regular Soldier about the time and previous to the War of 1812; that he never returned until about 1840. The pocketbook of Josiah F. Is still extant, with the following written: Josiah F. Tinney, his hand and pen he will be good but God noes when Do not steal this pocket book for shame.  Josiah F. Tinney, 15 Aug 1812 – Chester Co., Pa.; Josiah F. Tinney his pocketbook. He was b. in Alleghany Co., (Va.) he is thirty years of age the 8th day of April l1816 his father was born in Maryland in Harford Co., and his mother was born in Pa. in Chester Col, on Brandywine Creek and anyone fines this noat book will oblidge me and bring it in Harford Co. 3 miles below lower crossroad.”

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